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I am a dreamer
Three roads around me
One to the scorching reality
Another of my creation
Burnt bridge of finality
So gleams the sun
Garden of obscurity
Let us go for a walk
Down the crooked and corrupted
Absolute sense of accomplishment
No caption
No heart
Caught in the radius
This center I forgot
All punishment
All of the core
Trapped by the life
Problem solved
Keeping pace
I embrace the sin
Joy to space
Where was my mind
Isolation seems long ago
Three choices again
How to begin
Rebuilding the madhouse.
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Final Knock
A dream
This callous sense of hope
We're doomed
Shadows as the murky wave
Introduce the nightmares
The life
It's our acceptance
Reality widens the cornea
A spectacle
Bigger than the system
Grand like charcoal
Disturbing by design
Natural focus
Wit on a candle's flame
An abomination
Too much for love
Protection from overload
She signs a singer's soul
One breath
Whispers in the charade
Damn them to heaven
Creature of the midnight hour
Bless the harmonic
Push my limitations
Death is my escape
Never once my intent
The outside is beyond mental help
I am always wrong
Still I dream again.
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Lucky Drop
Our connection
This deception
A concept in disguise
Accept the invitation
Lost in seduction
Veil surrounded by lies
High hope
A simple nope
Tighter rope
Shattered dreams
Heavy fist
Relaxing mist
Breaking the mold
You were never once my problem
Always acting as the goal
Walking into a black hole
Using words in wrong directions
Evil side
Run and hide
Holy pride
Rich display
Brain delayed
Darkest day
I'm all original.
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With The Evens
She challenges with knowledge
Prophetical on the impossible
A monster across the stage
Cocky with his power
A year from being a master
Now put in a place uncomfortable
Spitting nonsense and empty comebacks
How does one defeat the wicked
Show no mercy
Refrain from emotions
How does a woman fight back
When fighting isn't in her blood
Compose and control
Don't frustrate the nightmare
Did fate select the reality
Now welcoming with sudden horror
The day shall arrive
When the true face of fear
Awakens to the masses
One must live
So the fallen gains respect.
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Act to the premise
No justice in the soul
Rely on senses
Ignore the mold
Grant life to an absence of courage
Prepare for death
Yet all from stress
Question no relapse
Idolize their mishaps
Cherish one adaptation
Break the cosmos
Original creator
Devious demur
Create the violator
Where is the lore
All missing
Second to last blessing
Thrill seeker beware.
:iconstormdragonz:StormDragonZ 0 0
Beast Inside
Lying about the answer
Questioning the typical response
Speak like the gun is melting
Moving awkward and conscious
Give to the conceptual
Harbinger, you grant the wishes
Drag peace
Biting lips after failed kisses
Provide the least
Counting glitches
Reprise on the environmental
Beyond this contest
Our revolt over helping
Ordering this monster
In truth, my cancer.
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Nine Of Diamonds
I dance for the humor
Laughing through the glass
Acting like a jester
With mutinous glee
The only smile on display
For the world to see
The mosquito prancing on the skin
Make believe the sinister scheme
Striking a match on a city on ice
Burning the impossible
Lightning are my feet
Claims meant for entertainment
Rules designed for competition
I am asking for the boldest
Only to get the bravest forms of greed
So I walk backwards in style
Three steps above the threshold
No magic in my technology
Bringing the light on your memory screens
Good luck on finding me
The tornado is about to erupt
Doesn't matter how screwed up I am
I'm still the leader of this parade.
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Truth, Life And Precious Revelations
I'm sure it's important
To see how things changed
Mistakes were made
Decisions shattered
Hell if I understand my actions
Did it change too much
My happiness exists
Despite the unfortunate past
Remember when I yelled at you
After that lovely day
My fear of being trapped
Pushed you far away
You said you didn't want this
Calm down or ruin more
I went away in anger
Too scared to think I was great
Hard to believe that very day
I lost it on someone random
One decade later
Another loves me forever
With a single failure
Given a second chance
Probably a third and fourth undeserved
But something changed all that
After viewing in disguise
I learned you have met someone good
Personally you can do better
But it wouldn't be me if I lied
Still I hope the best
Don't worry
I've never hated you at all
You're the third thing from my mind
My life is ahead this time.
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Hour Of Judgment
Today's goodbye
Another simple task
Leaving all to time
It knows the calculating alterations
Tomorrow's farewell
Too difficult to smile
Space factoring
Where is the goal
Present journey
Onward thinking
Gift of exploration
Wasted on the atmosphere
Future's devilry
Slaving for the now
Lost in originality
It's our feelings renewed.
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Across the valley
You'll see no life
It's not quite death
A terror that has no soul
Decaying wastelands
Grey mixed with brown
My weak heart wants to explore
This frozen heart needs to seek
Misplaced stones
Nature's little joke
They slam in my face
Noises vanish quickly
Why give me blood
If the reflection
Nothing senseless
Greatness is not in faith
It's the pain to strengthen
Yet all I see
Green mixed with red.
:iconstormdragonz:StormDragonZ 0 0
Back Home
Under the courage
A single spark of joy
To many are welcoming
I'm still trying to stay alive
Quarreling the mirror
Shouting with my skin
The pain is not unbearable
It only keeps me awake
Leave the memory behind
Such thunderstorms of epilepsy
No calm
Always searching
Where is my parade
Did I ruin history books
Will the second to last page
Say anything about my hell
Pushing the shove back
Did my best
Warned about the incoming
Still given merits
Under the corner
I became a champion
Far away was my victory
I come back alone.
:iconstormdragonz:StormDragonZ 0 0
Miracle Worker
Ashes rise
A soldier stands tall
With the roar of thunder
No mercy for them all
An experienced terror
Hunting down the trash
Asking no surrender
Just to leave the past behind
Meet the machine of vengeance
Nightmare born from the sky
Out of control
In a anarchic style of life
Soul shattering
Accepting all fights
While doomsday lingers
Running and hiding do the same
Defending honor is a fleeting dream
Join the apocalypse
Yet seriousness in all of us
Grants wishes that wont come true.
:iconstormdragonz:StormDragonZ 0 0
Bleeding Vision
In my eyes
A spirit believes
In my mind
Giving up means it all
I'll never know
Changes too many
Escape is the fear
Eye for an eye
Trying for the worth
An innocence lost
I cannot stay
For it fades
Slower than the rotation of the world
Black or white
Neither both allowed
If any color blends
The contrast ignites the sky
What could be nice
Never controllable
Thank you
Nature spoke the final breath
Though I think
Decaying days.
:iconstormdragonz:StormDragonZ 1 0
Smoking Vitrification
Primal supremacy
Eternal darkness
A natural desire
Rising from the hell
One would never notice
The sunlight burning out
When the warmth is fading
You'll see the stars flicker
Space is our escape
But it's dying
We're not to blame
It's the moon that is the beast
Nature dissolving
Like my soul now boils
An unspoken word of fate
My ignorance is bleak
Lies are stronger than bliss
Walking in my endless night
Shall I grow stronger
Although every day penetrates
A sharpness deeper in the cold
Real schemes
Found the answer
It's the rising essence.
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Stage One Of Togetherness
World of pain
Like rain that is uninvited
The door imprisonment
A swallowed up fear
We must escape
What lies beyond
Worth more than here
Another survivor
Leaving just like that
Bloodshed given
More dirt within
Represent the entity
I've witnessed horror
Even crimes too bad to speak
Sickness was spawned
Our truth is the curse
Better or worse
They said to us
Yet there is nothing to stop
What we will do forever.
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You're lacking
Show your narrowness
A cloned failure
All in all
You did exceptionally
Release the darkness
See and accept
The exit in your soul
You either leave
Or learning will escape
Get up and fight
Stand for your right
Teach us what you never knew
A mark on you
Forever given hope
The words never spoken again
No stupid decisions
The pain makes up for that
For now
Try again.
:iconstormdragonz:StormDragonZ 0 0

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Well, it's officially one day after my 365 poem (1 per day) decision was made and I stood by my decision. I'm truly not sure what to do from here on out, but I'm sure more poetry inspiration will flood my mind as the days go by. Perhaps it's time to do some publications on these, maybe I already have more poems ready for such a thing.

Regardless, to the people who enjoyed them, I appreciate the consideration made. Here's to another year worthwhile of the lost art that is semi-rhyming poetic justice.


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